Reevy Hill Primary School

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Our topic this half term is....





Task 1

Watch the travel video about the United States of America.


For each letter of the alphabet, can you write down a word that is to do with the USA? How many can you fill in?


B - baseball

M - mountains

S - skyscrapers

Best of USA





Task 2

Take a look at the pictures below (click on the arrows). They are all different places in the USA...



Now draw a table like the one below....


Human Features Physical Features







Using the pictures, can you sort the place names and features that you have seen (such as 'mountains, roads, skyscrapers and lakes) into the correct columns. 



Human features are............the man-made features of an area caused by humans, including cities, towns, dams, roads, and communication links.

Physical features are...........the natural features that are part of a landscape, such as forests, lakes, oceans, mountains and cliffs.




Task 3

Now spend some time exploring the USA on Google Earth:


Can you find New York City?

Can you find California?

Can you find the Grand Canyon?


Have a go at 2D, 3D, satellite and street view by using the buttons in the bottom right-hand corner!