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Comparing the population of the USA with the UK.

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Miss Clay's Input - Wednesday

This map shows how populated each state is (how many people live there). The darker the colour, the more people. It is easier to see a pattern when looking at the states inside the USA. You will be able to see which states are densely populated, and which are sparsely populated.


Task 2: Do you notice a pattern? Where are the most populated states? Think about the questions above the help you answer this question (think about landscape, cities, location, scenery).

Below are the top 3 most populated cities (cities that have the most people) in both the USA and the UK.


USA – Top 3 most populated cities

    • New York – 8,405,837
    • Los Angeles – 3,884,307
    • Chicago – 2,718,782

UK – Top 3 most populated cities

    • London – 9,750,500.
    • Birmingham – 2,453,700.
    • Manchester – 1,903,100


Task 1: Can you find these UK and USA cities using Google Earth? Can you use street view to see what they are like? Are they similar or different? Which would you like to visit?

Task 2: Use the labelled maps below to find the top populated cities in the UK and the USA. Then answer the question below:


Do you notice a difference between where the top UK cities are located and where the top USA cities are located. Think about how close (or not) they are to the coast in the UK compared to the USA. Which country has the top cities closer to the ocean? Which country has the top cities more in land / away from the ocean? Why do you think this is? Have a go!