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Monday – To explore how the process of erosion formed the Grand Canyon.

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Miss Clay's Input - Monday




Task 1: Read about the Grand Canyon below then watch the videos.

Amazing Flight Over The Grand Canyon

The Grand Canyon Skywalk

Top 13. Best Tourist Attractions in Grand Canyon National Park - Arizona

How Was the Grand Canyon Formed?

Task 2: Your task is to create an information leaflet for a tourist visiting the Grand Canyon. I would like you to include these sections of information:

  • What is the Grand Canyon?
  • Where is the Grand Canyon?
  • Any other Park facts
  • How was the Grand Canyon formed – you can even draw your own picture of how it has formed its shape.
  • What landmarks are there
  • What can tourists do or see on their visit?


Why don’t you try folding your leaflet like the one below and then writing on it?




Tuesday – Where are all of the people in the USA?

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Miss Clay's Input - Tuesday




Task 1: Take a look at the two maps below.

The top map shows how many people live in each area of the USA. The darker the green, the more people live there. Red areas are cities – these are full of lots of people!

The second map shows the USA at night-time. We can see really clearly how ‘populated’ an area is (how many people live there) by looking at how many lights are being used.

Did you notice that the brighter light areas are where the big cities are? This is because there are more streets, buildings and lights being used in those areas.


We can describe how ‘full of people’ an area is by using these words below…

  • Densely populated – An area which contains lots of people living and working.
  • Sparsely populated – An area that contains few people living and working.


Did you also notice how there are more people living in the East rather than the west or centre of the USA. Why might this be?


Task 2: Have a go at answering these questions in detail (a paragraph) using what you think might be happening and the information below.


  • Why might some places be densely populated (lots of people want to live there)?
  • Why might some places be sparsely populated (not many people want to live there)?


There are a few reasons as to why people are ‘distributed’ (spread out) across the USA.

  1. Landscape – some areas may be harder to live in, such as near or on the rocky mountains that are in the centre/Utah and Arizona
  2. There might be more jobs in the cities. People usually get paid more in cities too!
  3. The quality of life and scenery might be something people want to enjoy, such as near the coast. On the western coast, we have places like Los Angeles and California, which are both popular for scenery, sport and outdoor activities. The weather is pretty nice too!



Wednesday – Comparing the population of the USA with the UK.

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Miss Clay's Input - Wednesday

This map shows how populated each state is (how many people live there). The darker the colour, the more people. It is easier to see a pattern when looking at the states inside the USA. You will be able to see which states are densely populated, and which are sparsely populated.


Task 2: Do you notice a pattern? Where are the most populated states? Think about the questions above the help you answer this question (think about landscape, cities, location, scenery).

Below are the top 3 most populated cities (cities that have the most people) in both the USA and the UK.


USA – Top 3 most populated cities

    • New York – 8,405,837
    • Los Angeles – 3,884,307
    • Chicago – 2,718,782

UK – Top 3 most populated cities

    • London – 9,750,500.
    • Birmingham – 2,453,700.
    • Manchester – 1,903,100


Task 1: Can you find these UK and USA cities using Google Earth? Can you use street view to see what they are like? Are they similar or different? Which would you like to visit?

Task 2: Use the labelled maps below to find the top populated cities in the UK and the USA. Then answer the question below:


Do you notice a difference between where the top UK cities are located and where the top USA cities are located. Think about how close (or not) they are to the coast in the UK compared to the USA. Which country has the top cities closer to the ocean? Which country has the top cities more in land / away from the ocean? Why do you think this is? Have a go!



Thursday: New York – Then and Now

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Miss Clay's Input - Thursday

Task 1: Watch the videos below about how New York has changed over time.


Task 2: Open the 'Thursday Activities' link to find out all about today's lesson. Follow the activities and read the information to find out what New York was like 'Then and Now'.

NEW YORK then and now

New York THEN and NOW