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This half term our geography focus is "Who do you think we are?"


Lesson 1
LO: to explore the concept of identity.
I can: 
- identify the characteristics that make up someone’s identify. 
- make connections between identity and personal geographies
- investigate the relationship between people and their local environment.



What is identity?

Start by watching the youtube clip below about identity.

You may want to make notes to help you in the rest of the lesson. 

Wellbeing For Children: Identity And Values

Who are you? What makes you who you are?

Activity 1:

This activity focuses around what makes you 'you'.

Our identity is shaped by characteristics such as:


- gender 

- ethnicity

- religion

- birthplace

- education

- wealth

- culture

- personality

- clothes

- music.


Using the example and the video to help you, create your own identity jigsaw of all the things that make you who you are. 




You could use a template like this or draw one of your own.

Activity 2:

This activity focuses on how our geographical locations shape our identity. 

Use Google maps to find the school - postcode BD6 2PG

You can change the view like this...

Let's create an identity map...

Draw the school into your book and the immediate surrounding roads. 

(like a little map)

Then draw arrows outwards with words that show what characteristics and qualities yo have gained from school that shape your identity. 


Here is an example....

How many more can you think of?


Then, using google maps, find your house

Draw your house and the surrounding roads and think about how your home has contributed to your identity.


Here is an example...


Can you think of any other places that have shaped your identity?

Here are some others you may want to include.

- Sport clubs

- Teams you support (football grounds etc...)

- Relatives houses 

- Place of worship

- Holiday destinations


Choose at least two more and complete the activity as above using google maps to find the location and create your map.