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Grammar, Punctuation and Spelling



Grammar and Punctuation - Possessive pronouns

Possessive pronouns are pronouns that indicate belonging. For example:

her, hers, his, mine, yours, its, theirs


That is her bag. In this sentence, the pronoun is her. The sentence is telling us that the bag belongs to the girl. 


Task 1 

Finish off the sentences by writing the possessive pronoun. See example 1 below.


  1. The car belongs to them.   The car is theirs.
  2. The book belongs to my sister.   The book is ________.
  3. The key belongs to you.    The key is ________.
  4. The pencil belongs to my brother.     The pencil is _______.
  5. The dog's paw was badly hurt.    ______ paw was badly hurt.


Can you think of some sentences that use the possessive pronoun?



Task 2 

Have a go at completing the GPS quiz 3. You can record your answers on the 'editable' document or in your books.


Once completed, check your answers using the Answer document.



Spellings to learn for this week:


  1. believe
  2. consider
  3. experiment
  4. height
  5. mention
  6. position
  7. remember
  8. various



Practise your spellings using some of the activities from the Spelling Menu.