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Helping your child to read.

Why is reading at home so important?

 “There can be few things as powerful as regularly reading to a young child. It has astonishing benefits for children: comfort and reassurance, confidence and security, relaxation, happiness and fun. Giving a child time and full attention when reading them a story tells them they matter. It builds self-esteem, vocabulary, feeds imagination and even improves their sleeping patterns.” 

Teaching phonics is a way of teaching reading. At Woodside, Early Years and Key Stage one children receive phonics lessons daily. In Key Stage two, targeted children receive support to develop their reading skills. Watch the videos below for some easy tips on how to support your child with their early reading skills.

Phonics: How to pronounce pure sounds

Learn how to pronounce all 44 phonics sounds, or phonemes, used in the English language with these helpful examples from Suzy Ditchburn and her daughter.Find...

Phonics: How to blend sounds to read words

Suzy Ditchburn explains how letter sounds can be blended to read words, and gives tips on how to practise phonics with your child.Find more phonics help on O...

How To Read With Your Child

Parents MUST help their children become interested in reading if they are to succeed in school. These 5 tips will make reading with your child more effective...

Click below to see the types of questions you can ask your child at home.

Oxford owl

Each class has a login for Oxford Owl. We encourage the use of this website for children to read for pleasure. This might mean that your child reads the reading book band below so they can practise skills like expression and fluency rather than focusing on sounding out words they are unsure of. Please remember to sign your child's yellow card so that they can move up the championship.


If you need your login details, please contact your class teacher.