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Roman Baths


Please read through the Roman Baths lesson presentation below then complete the activities. 

Activity 1

Have a go at answering these questions:


  1. How was water brought to the baths?
  2. How did the Romans heat the water?
  3. What were the names of the three main bathing experiences?
  4. What was the name of the tool used to scrape dirt off the skin?
  5. List three other things that visitors could do in the baths.


Activity 2

Use the information that you have learnt from the above document and do some of your own research using the internet to help you plan, design and produce a Roman Bathhouse Guide.


You might want to write an information leaflet, create a poster or a floor plan. Up to you! Please see the three documents below to know the difference between the three.


Your guide should tell visitors about all the different features of the baths. You could use pictures, plans and maps to make your guide more appealing.