Reevy Hill Primary School

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This terms history unit is all about changes over time and family.


Task 1


Listen to the story 

 “Once There Were Giants” by Martin Waddell


Think about how the main character gains new skills over time: sitting-up, walking, talking, running, starting school. Look at the physical changes to the little girl on each page.


Then think about the changes since you were a baby to now. Have a look at old baby pictures to compare the difference between you as a baby and now.



Have a go at ordering the stages of growing up.

Write a few sentences about when you were a baby compared to now e.g.

When I was a baby I used to nap a lot and crawl.
Now I'm 5/6 I go to school and can walk. 

Task 2

Different seasons


Watch the link below about the different seasons. 



Think about the different weather in each season.

Which season is your favourite? 

What types of things can you do in the season?

Where will you be when that season returns? e.g next summer you will be going into year 2!


Draw a picture of the four seasons.

In winter you might draw snow

Autumn- brown leaves on the trees


Then write a sentence about each month e.g In summer it is hot and I eat ice cream.

Task 3

Now think about why we wear different clothes in different seasons.


Order these clothes into the correct season.


Write a few sentences about which clothes you wear in which season e.g

I wear jumpers in winter because it is cold.