Reevy Hill Primary School

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Special events

Task 1

Think about some of the events we celebrate at home and in school.



Can you label the events above?

What is your favourite celebration?

Can you think of any other celebrations?

E.g open presents, have a Christmas dinner, sing carols. 

Task 2

Watch the video clip below about a birthday party

Write a sentence about what you saw in the video. What happens at birthday parties... e.g children eat cake and play with toys.

Now have a go at making a party invite.

Look at the one below to help you - remember to add who you are inviting and when it will be.

Think about what time of the year we celebrate these events.

Try and match up the celebrations to the month. 

Now try putting the months in order e.g



2. February





Task 3



Think about who makes up your family e.g mum, dad, sister, grandma, cousins, uncles....


What makes them special to you?

When we fall out how do we make up?


Make a mind map of the things you like to do with your family....e.g play football with dad, bake with grandma


Draw a picture of your family and label who they are. Like the picture below. 

Now write a few sentences about your family e.g


My mum has brown hair.
My sister is taller than me.
I have two brothers and one sister.