Reevy Hill Primary School

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Lesson 1

Learning Objective: To be able to use dates and historical language.

Task 1


Chronology Vocabulary

Use a dictionary or the internet to find the definitions for each word below…

  1. Decade
  2. AD
  3. BC
  4. Century
  5. Millennium

Task 2

Can you match the image the the year it happened?

If you are unsure, use the internet to help you.

Lesson 2

Learning Objective: To organise events into chronological order.

Task 1

Can you order the events in chronological order?

Click on each picture to enlarge it, draw it out to create your own timeline. 

Task 2 

Compare your day to the day of Salamatu.

Lesson 3

Learning Objective: To produce a timeline

Watch the videos and read the text attached. Use the information to create your own timeline to show what a day would be like as one of the servants. 

Hatfield House Victorian Kitchen - Scullery Maid

Hatfield House Victorian Kitchen - Kitchen Maid

Hatfield House Victorian Kitchen - Chef