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The Ancient Greeks


For the next two weeks, we will be learning about the Ancient Greeks, in History.



Task 1

Watch the video about the legend of Theseus and the Minotaur on the link below (you might have to allow permission on your browser to access it).


Once you've listened to it, write a short version of the story.



Task 2

Do you think the legend of Theseus and the Minotaur is real?


Imagine you are an archaeologist. What might you find if you were setting out to dig for evidence? 


Clearly the black sails will no longer be with us, or Ariadne’s thread; but what about the maze itself? And where did it all take place? Might there be any remains of the palace itself?  



Look at the images below (clues). They are some clues to help give some evidence.


This is a list of what each clue is:


  1. Remains of the palace at Knossos on Crete the scene of the encounter between Theseus and the Minotaur
  2. A plan of the palace in the form of a maze
  3. A double-headed axe, a labyr, similar to the one used in the story
  4. An explanation as to the link between the axe and the labyrinth
  5. A map showing the island of Crete where the story took place and showing where the palace of Knossos was – i.e. a real place.  Also shows how it relates to Greek mainland and Athens
  6. Fresco showing bull-vaulting and bringing home how important these animals were to Minoan culture
  7. An aerial view of the palace building .
  8. Ivory model showing bull vaulting found in the palace at Knossos .
  9. Coins showing Ariadne and the maze.
  10. A labyr or two-headed axe carved in stone found on the island of Crete and dated to the time of the story.



Use the 'Is there any evidence?' sheet below or draw a similar table in your book and explain why each clue might tell us that the legend is true.