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Ancient Egypt


This week we are looking at the Ancient Egyptians in History. For each lesson, watch the video from your teacher and any additional videos that are up for that day and then have a go at the activities below. Remember to email your work to your teacher once you're done.



LO - To expand on what I already know about Ancient Egypt.


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Task 1 - Watch the YouTube video to find a quick introduction about Ancient Egypt

Introducing Ancient Egypt | History - Lost Lands

Task 2 - Match the pictures to descriptions


Task 3 -

Look at the facts below.

Make a poster about Ancient Egypt using the information you already know and the facts you learnt in the YouTube video, along with these interesting facts below. Remember to add pictures and colours to make your poster eye catching.


LO - To find out what life was like in Ancient Egypt by looking at artefacts.



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We  can find out information about ancient Egyptian people from the objects that they left behind. These objects are called artefacts.


Look at the selection of artefacts and make some inferences about what life was like in Ancient Egypt.

Look at the example of inferences below:

For each artefact, answer these questions:

1) What is this?

2) What do you think it is used for?

3) Where might this artefact have been found?

4) Who might it have belonged to?

5) What is it made out of?

6) What does this tell you about the Ancient Egyptians?



LO - To use evidence to gather what everyday life was like for men, women and children.


LO - To explore the Ancient Egyptian ritual of mummification.


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Mummification was a very sacred ritual in Ancient Egypt. It was a way of preserving the dead persons body after it had passed away. The Egyptians wrapped bandages around the dead body to stop it from rotting away. Watch the YouTube video to find out more!


How an Ancient Egyptian Mummy was Made

Look at the poster below to find out how to make a mummy


All of the instructions below have been mixed up! Can you sort them by rewriting them out so that they are all in the correct order? Refer back to the poster and video to help you.


Your Turn! Make a Mummified Apple! watch the video below to find out how:

Make an Apple Mummy