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The Roman Empire


Our topic for history this week is the Roman Empire.


To understand the size and timescale of the Roman Empire by drawing conclusions from maps and timescales

Monday's input

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Task 1: Draw a timeline and place the 12 events from the Roman Empire Timeline cards (see below) in chronological order. Also have a go at drawing the events.

Roman Empire Timeline cards

Chronological order means the order in which things happen.



BC stands for 'Before Christ' which means anything before Jesus was born

AD stands for 'Anno Domino' which means anything after Jesus was born

See the 'Greek timeline' example. This is how you can lay out your Roman Empire timeline (yours will also have drawings).
Task 2: Using your timeline, write a paragraph explaining what happened over the years.



To learn about the spread of the Roman Empire (Roman invasion of Britain)

Tuesday's input

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Task: Read the ‘Roman Invasion of Britain’ text and answer the questions (document below). Once you've finished, check your answers.



To understand why the Romans built new roads in Britain, know where some of the main roads ran to and from and know how the roads were made

Wednesday's input

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Input: Read through the document below to learn about Roman roads.

Task 1: Draw and label these Roman roads on the map of Britain below (just like The Fosse Way in the document above). Use a different colour for each road (if you have colours).


  1. The Fosse Way, Exeter to Lincoln
  2. Stane Street, Chichester to London
  3. Dere Street, York to Scotland
  4. Ermine street, London to York (via Lincoln)
  5. Akeman Street, St Albans to Cirencester

Task 2: Have a go at making a 3D Roman road model (if you have the resources). See the images below.



To understand how the Roman Empire affected different people and how they felt and reacted to the changes that were being made

Thursday's input

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Input: Read through the document below to learn about different people during the Roman Empire.

Task 1: Answer the following questions (different perspectives).

Task 2: Choose at least 3 of the characters who you have read about and answer the questions which are next to their names (click the image to see the questions).

Task 3: Choose one character and write two more facts about your character.