Reevy Hill Primary School

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Week 1:
Learning objective: To use a range of historical sources to find out information about the Vikings. 
To consider what I can learn from a historical source
To ask high quality questions about sources to extend my knowledge and understanding

Nordic Music & Viking Music - Age of the Vikings

Nordic music & Viking music that will take you to cold Norse settlements and to the beautiful world of Asgard. This music also features music about the Norse...


Activity 1: Look at the images below. Write a list of questions that you now have about the VIKINGS.

Activity 2:

Look at the image and use layers of inference to think carefully about the sources. What does this historical source show us? What does it tell us about the Vikings? What other questions might you like to ask about this image?

Activity 3: 

Watch the video clips below. 

Make notes from the videos about the VIKINGS

Activity 4:

Look at the map which shows where the Vikings came from and where they settled. 

Complete your own map either using the template below or drawing your own.