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Gallery - Your Home Learning Photos

Have a look at what your friends have been getting up to at home


We have LOVED receiving all your lovely pictures! It is great to see how much fun you are all having at home with your families! Please keep sharing all the exciting things you are doing at home. Use our year 3 email address ( to share your home learning with us. smiley




This badger has been keeping busy with her home learning! 

Well done Isobelle!

Keep up the amazing work! laugh



What would Finley do with 1 million dollars? 


Happy 8th Birthday Isobelle!

Hope you had a fab day with your family!

Look at what Caroline made for her creative task.

She used an empty toilet roll to make her very own cute, little kitty! 

A really great idea Caroline! I LOVE it! smiley

Finley has been busy with his Pokémon jigsaw, baked some delicious brownies and wrote about his rock band!

Super work Fin! yes 

Savannah has been enjoying herself! She has made a super cool volcano, a delicious home made pizza and took her neighbours dog Molly out for a walk!



Finley's fab fraction work! Finding mixed equivalent fractions. Look at all that orange highlighting! 

Super work Fin! yes

Ethan has been incredibly busy spending lots of quality time with his family in between doing his school work.

Super impressed Ethan! Keep up the fantastic work! yes

Domas has been busy rock hunting in his garden! He discovered that his garden is filled with so many different types of rocks.

Great job Domas! yes

Still image for this video

Finleys Lockdown Fun! 

Relaxing in the pool, a trip to the sea side and growing his very own pizza garden using basil, oregano and parsley seeds.

Please do keep us updated Finley! laugh



Another busy week for Isobelle. Some delicious baking and fantastic school work! smiley


Lily-Rose has made a super Stranger Danger poster!

Great job Lily! laugh

Isobelle has had a super busy fun filled week at home! She has enjoyed playing on her water slide, learning about the Victorian Academy, exploring stories, writing with Mr Wolf and even had time to fit in some surfing! 

Super impressed Isobelle! Keep up the fantastic work! laugh


Euan has written a fantastic story this week!

Well Done Euan! yes Keep it up! 


Hope you had a lovely day with your family!

Noor has been keeping busy at home. She has been doing lots of work on bitesize, read lots of books and has done an absolutley AMAZING job on this Tutankhamun painting!

Well done Noor! Keep up the fantastic work! laugh

Savanna baked some delicious buns for VE day! 



Ethan has been super busy at home. He has made a fantastic Anti Bullying PowerPoint presentation that he would like to share with the rest of Badger class. Download the document below and have a look at what Ethan has to say about bullying. laugh


Savannah has been a detective searching for different types of rocks in her garden and describing their properties. Can you work out which rocks she has found by looking at the picture?

 Keep up the great work Savannah! yes



Charlotte has a special message for all of Badger class:






Isobelle has been keeping busy at home! She has been spending lots of time in her garden growing vegetables and other plants. She has done some DIY and has made her very own bug hotel. Super impressed Isobelle! Keep it up! laugh

This busy badger has been to the woods with his family and made a seesaw using a tree trunk. What a clever idea Logan! yes

Logan also has a joke for his friends:

What has got a face and side but no body and you see it and hold it everyday? If you think you can crack this, let us know on


Still image for this video

Caroline and Maya have been having lots of fun at home! They have made a beautiful rainbow, an amazing Ancient Egypt project, some lovely Easter crafts and some yummy baking with their mum. Great work girls! Keep it up! laugh

Lola is keeping busy and has started her second home learning pack! smiley

Great Job Lola! 

Domas has been super busy doing two of his favourite things: Mental maths and reading comprehension! Great work Domas! yes



Logan and his super cool new quad bike! yes

This busy badger has been for a bike ride and has spotted an alpaca. He has also been busy looking after his adorable new puppies. laugh 

Savanna has been very busy supporting NHS and key workers with her lovely artwork in the window. She has been sewing and has made her very own super cool scarecrow! Very impressed! :)

Asa has been super busy helping out on the farm, spending time with his family and having a well deserved break! yes

Logan has been working hard doing his maths work and some lovely drawings.

He says he is missing everyone in Badger class and cannot wait to see you all again! laugh

Euan has been busy finding out facts about fossils, planting seeds with his dad and is even learning how to sew. Great job Euan! 

Oliver has had a busy day! Walks in the woods, bike rides with his sister and some fab baking! #KeepSmiling!

Sam has been working super hard with his history project. He has made a fantastic headdress, a crown and a sarcophagus! He has also made some lovely Thank You posters for his window!

Super work Sam! yes


Euan has made a fantastic Ancient Egyptian mummy using one of his action figures and toilet roll. What a great idea! :)

Ancient Egyptian jewellery in the making. Keep it up Lucas! smiley

I cannot wait to see the finished product!