Reevy Hill Primary School

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Introducing ZERO

Five to ZERO

Watch the video below and sing along with your fingers as you count down to ZERO.


This week we are looking at the number zero. What is zero? Can you show me zero fingers? Why not? 


Play the 'Zero game' with your adult. 

Write numbers from 0 - 5 on individual pieces of paper. Turn all paper face down on the floor/ table. Take turns to turn a piece of paper over. Each number you turn over, collect that many items. For zero, you collect nothing and miss a turn. The aim of the game is to be the person with the most items at the end of the game. This game also emphasises what zero represents which is nothing! Children need to understand this concept in order to understand its relation to other numbers. 

Share a space story with your child! 


Start with a cardboard box/ container which you cannot see through the walls of. Roll up sheets of foil to form 'moon rocks'. Tell your child a story and encourage them to count the moon rocks into the box without peeking inside as you go along. Can they remember how many moon rocks they have added into the box by counting them in their heads? 


The space rocket soared off towards the moon... On the way, it hit a comet which was speeding past. This force caused 2 moon rocks to fall off of the comet and land inside the space rocket. The rocket continued upwards and collected 1 more falling moon rock on it's way up... Once on the moon, a group of aliens came to explore the rocket. They thought it was some kind of garbage truck and so started adding more moon rocks in, 1... then another.. then another... How many rocks are inside the rocket now? Can you count down to zero as you off load the rocks together? 


Number tracks


Can you draw your very own number track like the one below? 


Use different coloured pens to make it stand out. Grown ups: Ask your child to circle different numbers to test that they can recognise their numbers. You could ask questions such as:


What colour is number 10?

Which number is one more than 5? 

Which number is one less than 4?

Tell me a number between 5 and 7... 


This activity is great for developing number sense around numbers within 10. You could add a zero to create even more understanding.