Reevy Hill Primary School

Interactive bar


It's Christ-maths time!

This week is all about securing our number and shape sense through fun Christmas-themed activities! 


See the links below for some fun interactive maths games for you and your child to do together. 

Snowball fight! (Not literally!)


Screw balls of paper up and spread them across your floor. The aim of this game is to collect the most snowballs in your corner. Take turns to roll a dice. Count the spots on the dice and collect that many snowballs. Repeat until all snowballs have been collected. Who will roll the most higher numbers and win?! Encourage your child to count independently.

Chocolate bar game!


This is a fun, silly game with a treat for the winner at the end! 

Wrap up a chocolate bar or another favourite treat of yours. You will also need a dice or a bag of coloured bricks and a knife and fork.


Choose a silly outfit to dress up in e.g. pajamas, fancy dress, coat, hat and scarves etc. The more clothes items the better! 


Take turns to roll dice - if you land a 6 you start dressing up in the clothes before unwrapping the treat and cutting it up ready to eat! If you've used a bag of coloured bricks, decide which colour will be a winner e.g. if you pick a red brick out it's your turn to start dressing up and eating the treat. 


The player who last rolls the winning number takes over the dress up clothes and continues to eat the treat. How many turns will it take before someone manages to eat the full bar?

Headbands game - What number am I? 


Place a number on your child's back. They must ask Q's to guess what it is. Can you count to 10 and miss their number out - did they spot which number you had missed?


You can give clues e.g. you are one more than 2 and one less than 4....


You could even try this with shapes instead with clues such as 'you have 4 sides, all the same length'. Can your child quiz you?!