Reevy Hill Primary School

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Home Learning Challenges

  • Collect lots of natural objects whilst out walking. Put your objects in to groups and count how many you have found. Which group had the most?
  • Which stick was the longest? Shortest? 
  • Which stone was the heaviest? Lightest?
  • What can you build using all the natural resources you've found.
  • Take photos of patterns you've found on your walk.
  • Roll out the conkers and see if you can recognise objects up to 5 or even 10!
  • See if you can tell your adult what you have done today, in the right order. 

Counting songs

Counting songs (e.g. ''Five little ducks'') help to develop a familiarity with number sounds and words in a way that is interesting and fun for young children. Familiarity with counting songs provides the foundation for crucial numeracy skills and awareness. 


Click on the video of myself (Miss Hirst) singing ''Five cheeky monkeys'' Have fun joining in. 

Counting Song

Still image for this video
Five cheeky monkeys.

Counting song

Still image for this video
Five Currant Buns

Autumn 2 

This half term for Maths we will be looking at different shapes (Circle, square, rectangle, triangle and Hexagon.) and counting how many sides each shape has.

We will be looking at different shape pictures and recreating those pictures using 2D shapes. 


Click on the link below and and have fun joining in with the shape sing along.

Here are a few ideas you could do at home...

  • Go on a shape hunt around your home and see what shapes you can find? Can you tell your grown up what shapes you have found and how many sides the shapes have?
  • When out on a walk, have a look around and see how many shapes you can find? Can you make a tally mark of how many? or draw the shapes.
  • Play the shape game what's in the bag? Have some cut out cardboard shapes inside the bag for your child to feel. 


Here are some useful websites for Maths: