Reevy Hill Primary School

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Lesson 1- LO – To be able to measure length (cm)

Today we will be measuring the length of different objects.

What sorts of equipment can we use to measure things? Yes that's right! A ruler is a tool that you can use to measure something.


Task 1

Have a look around your house and using a ruler I would like you to measure the item and record it within the table below.


Record on table.


Measurement (cm)



Then reasoning challenge – Ruby says this book is 15cm long. Is she correct? Explain

Then investigate – Does the tallest person in your group have the biggest hand span?  



Lesson 2 - LO – To be able to measure length (mm)



Lesson 3-LO: To be able to estimate and measure length in metres (m)

For this lesson, you will be out in the garden or a safe area outside your home!  Today we will be focusing on Metres! How many cm are in a metre? Yes, that's correct! There are 100cm in 1 metre! Using chalk, I would like you to draw a straight line which you estimate to be a metre long. Repeat the same for 2 metres and 1 ½ metres (you could also mark out these lengths with beanbags or something that you can find at home). After this completing this task, can you compare the lines that they have drawn with a metre ruler. How accurate was your estimations?


Once you've completed this task, I would like you to complete the following activity below! You can use a metre ruler or some measuring tape if you've got some!  Look for items in and around your home that you can measure and record them on the table provided!



Finally, using chalk or something to draw with, can you make these dinosaurs outside?! Remember to follow the correct measurements! Ask a family member to take a picture! Enjoy!