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This week in maths we are starting measurement, looking at length and height.




Watch the video below and complete the tasks



We are going to start by estimating what we think the length of this pencil will be. Estimating is the process of finding an estimate, or approximation, which is a value that is usable for some purpose. It’s like a rough guess.

Find a pencil or something else around the house that you can measure.


Write down the estimate first and then measure it with the none standard units of measure (counters). 

If you don’t have the items below to measure them with, use a coin or other small items like lego.

Now order the pencils for shortest to tallest.



Once you have done this use a ruler to measure how many centimetre's each one is and write the amount at the side.


Now use your ruler to draw the lines to match the lengths below.




Watch the video below then complete the tasks




Measure some things around your house using a ruler or a tape measure (if you have these). Write down the length in centimetre's. 

Which object was the longest?
Which object was the shortest?

How much longer was the book than the cup?

e.g if the book is 8 cm and the cup is 4cm

the book would be 4 cm more because 8cm-4cm = 4 cm



Watch the video below and complete the tasks 



Watch the video clip below and complete the tasks 



Watch the video below and complete the tasks