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Daily plan and activities

Below are any resources mentioned in this weeks plan

As well as the daily activities you can keep practising Maths all the time.  Point out numbers you see, count when moving around the house (eg when going up the stairs), compare different sizes.....Maths comes into everything you do and so is easy to keep practising.  There are some more activities below that you can do any time..


Number tracks


Can you draw your very own number track like the one below? 


Use different coloured pens to make it stand out. Grown ups: Ask your child to circle different numbers to test that they can recognise their numbers. You could ask questions such as:


Can you circle the number 10?

Circle the number that is one more than 5 

Circle the number that is one less than 4

Tell me a number between 6 and 8... 

Circle the answer to 1 plus 1.

Which number is one more than 8?

Which number comes after 7?

Where would zero sit on the number line? 

Which number is between 3 and 5?

Which number comes after 0 when counting? 

Which number are you left with that is not circled?



How many different ways can we make 5? Practise holding fingers up on each hand, e.g. 1 on one hand and 4 on the other... 


Practise writing your numbers and drawing items to match the number e.g. 4 = ****


Drawing pictures in different formations allows children to subitise (recognise a quantity quickly without counting)


Play 'cups' - hide different arrangement of items under cups. Lift cups quickly and place down. Can children tell you how many were there without counting? 


Create a physical number line. E.g. Place items in a line starting with nothing, then 1 spoon, 2 forks, 3 cups etc. 


Jumble up numbers and ask your child to place them in the correct order.


Count to 10 deliberately missing out numbers - can your child spot your mistake?!