Reevy Hill Primary School

Interactive bar



This week we are doing all about mass and weight



Watch the introduction all about mass and weight...

Now look for things around your home that are heavy and light and compare their weight with your adult..


  • Find 5 heavy objects
  • Find 5 light objects
  • Order them from light to heavy

e.g. Orange, cup, remote, teddy, pillow, cushion, toy,milk, pop, crisps



Order these items in weight order from lightest to heaviest

Now answer the questions below

Today we are marking measurements...

I have attached the document below if you need a copy to colour


How much do the scales represent


Today we are doing addition and subtraction with weight... I have attached a simple way to teach reading questions and answering them.

I have attached a numberline for you to refer to.

Answer the questions

  • Remember to look for key words to tell us if it is an add and or a subtraction question


One pencil weighs 10g. How much do two pencils weigh?




I have a truck that weighs 7g and a truck that weighs 9g. How much do both my trucks weigh altogether?




Mum buys 5g of melon and 10g of limes. How much do the items, weigh altogether?




Tom buys a chocolate bar that weighs 6g. Emma buys a chocolate bar that weighs 14g. How much chocolate do Emma and Tom have all together?




If you had a packet of pasta that weighed 20g and you ate 6g of it. How much pasta would you have left?




If you had a packet of crisps that weighed 15g and you gave 7g away to your friend. What weight of crisps would you have left?