Reevy Hill Primary School

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Week 4 - MATHS


This week you have five learning tasks to complete, alongside TTRockstars.

We will be learning how to:

1. convert grams and kilograms

2. convert millilitres and litres

3. convert units of time

4. solve problems involving units of measure (x2 lessons)


For each learning task, please click on the links below and watch the video.


On the links it mentions 'click next to view the activity'. However, when you do so, it says lesson complete.


The activities are within the video and attached as PDF documents under the video links below.


So when you are asked to pause the video by the teacher, pause the video and have a go at the activity in your books. Then play the video to see the teacher going through the answers and explaining them.

Tuesday - converting between millilitres and litres