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Week 2 - Maths Activity


Materials Hunt Bar Chart

Last week, the science challenge was to go on a MATERIALS HUNT around your home! If you haven't done this yet, have a go using the materials sheet below. You could even do this using a tally chart!

After you have gathered the data,  can you present your findings in a bar chart?


Here are some steps to help you out:

1. Recap what a bar chart is using the powerpoint below.

2. Go on materials hunt!

3. Record your data using a tally chart.

4. Create your bar chart in your math book - Remember to label your axis and give your graph a title. Use the example bar chart to help you.


Happy Hunting! laugh


Don't forget to send us pictures of you hunting and of your work!

Week 2 - Weekly Maths Challenge


A few extras...

Maths Links


Don't forget to visit the Learning Links page on the Year 5 class page for lots of online maths games, resources and activities