Reevy Hill Primary School

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This week's maths is about even numbers and understanding that even numbers can always be grouped into pairs.


Collect arrangements of different items around your house that can be used for counting (no more than 10 in total) 

e.g. cereal, marbles, socks, shoes... Count out 3 of these items... Can they be put into pairs? e.g. 1 pair and 1 left over - no. This must mean that 3 is an uneven number.


Repeat for quantities up to 10.


Sock hunt:

Hide various socks around your house. Can your child find them and pair them up with the matching sock? Were there any left out? 



Watch the video below. Can you draw different arrangements of all the even numbers in a 'dice' formation? What do you notice? Encourage your child to group the dots into pairs to show there are none left over.