Reevy Hill Primary School

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This week in maths we are exploring the concept of sharing. Children will learn that to share fairly, all children will have an equal amount.


Discuss the key vocabulary below with your child and explain what it means: 


Equally - being the same in quantity or value

Quantity - the amount or number of something

Fair - everyone having the same (being equal)


Activities this week:


Place two plates on the table then place a number of food items in the middle. Explain how you are going to share them equally between the two plates. Model counting "one for you, one for you" as you move each food item to the plates, in turn. 


Next, encourage your child to do the same. Play around with different amounts in the middle of the table. Use uneven and even amounts. Why can't some numbers be shared equally? Talk about there being an odd one out.


Next, try sharing items around your family. Can children continue the counting action of "one for you, one for you, one for you..." for more than 2 people? Count how many each person has at the end of the total quantity. Has everyone got the same? Is this fair or unfair sharing?


Play around with different amounts in each bowl, e.g. a large bowl of porridge for Daddy, Medium bowl for Mummy and small for Baby. Is this fair? Explain all have one bowl each but that the amounts of porridge are different so not everyone has the same. 



Complete the worksheets below or draw out the problems and see if your child can share fairly.


Cut the sweets out and stick them next to each child repeating the "one for you, one for me" script as you move the items to each child.


For the monkeys sheet, challenge your child to cross one out and draw next to the first monkey, then cross the next one out and draw next to the second monkey and so on.... At the end, what would happen if their was one extra banana - would this be fair? Why not?