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This week in Maths, we are exploring what happens to an amount when we take away. Children will become familiar with the vocabulary: take away, subtract, left over, less.


Discuss what to take something away from a number means - will we end up with more or less? 

Watch the video below 

Activity 1 

Grab a handful of food items / objects from your house. Count how many you have to start with. Now physically take one away and then recount to see how many are left. Can you model what happened on your fingers? e.g. we started with 5... we took one away, how many fingers left showing? This means 4 is one less than 5! 


Draw out your own number line from 0-10. With your finger, point to 5 and move it back one to show that one less counts backwards to the number before it.


Repeat this for different quantities within 10. 


Activity 2


Draw out another number line, make it as big and colourful as you can. Try and draw a box around each number like the one below: 


Now place a small item over each number for the amounts below.


Once you have counted out 5 items, remove one (take one away), how many are left now? Reveal the last number by lifting the last item up , it should show the number 4.... Try this for different amounts within 10.

Model saying the sentence with your child:

4 is one less than 5....



Activity 3

The take away game! 


Play with a few members of your family. Make some flashcard/ number cards of numbers 1-5 and turn face down on the table or hide in a box....


Each of you start with a tower/ group of 10 items. Take turns to reveal a flashcard number, remove that many items from your pile.... The winner is the person who gets rid of their items the fastest! 

Activity 4


Play the alien bus game on the link below


Listen to the instructions and remove that many aliens. Count how many you start with, how many you have taken away and how many are left over. Can you match this with your fingers? 


*Challenge can you write down the number sum for these before checking if you were right?!