Reevy Hill Primary School

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In Maths this week, we are learning about shapes and spatial reasoning.


Children in school will be decomposing bigger shapes to find smaller versions within them and trying to create new shapes by using ones they are already familiar with.


As well as spotting shapes, children will be recreating patterns based on instructions alone and aiming to piece puzzles back together using their shape and spatial awareness. 


Please find some useful activities to do with your child at home below: 



See the Harbour scene below. Can you discuss with your child.

Ask them to describe what they can see. 

Next count how many triangles, squares, rectangles...

Can they make a list of how many of each they can spot? 

Challenge them to create their own 'shape' scene using 2D shapes. This could be a house/ rocket/ boat etc. They may choose to colour all of the same shape in the same colour, e.g. all triangles red, all squares blue etc.


Ask your child to find different shaped items around the house. Explain you are going to build a rocket together. Make a list of the things your rocket will need e.g. a roof, windows, gas cylinders. Think and talk about the shapes these might need to be.


Can you design your rocket on paper before choosing appropriate items from around the house. Build your rocket together and countdown to blastoff! 


Have a look at the Tangram shapes document below. Can you cut the shapes out and place them correctly to recreate the animals? Some hapes may need rotating to fit.



Place an A4 piece of paper on the table in front of you. Your challenge today is to fill the space as much as you can using items in your house! Place shapes / items on the paper , each time discussing what other shaped items might fit, leaving as little space as possible on your paper.