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Keep going with those basic skills!


Addition, subtraction multiplication and division are our core Maths skills that we use in all other Maths areas. 


This week is going to focus on lots of practise...

Lesson 1...


Key thing to remember when adding or subtracting larger number is to make sure that you use place value to put the numbers in the right columns.


Addition example...

Subtraction example...


Activity 1:

Lesson 2...


When multiplication larger numbers you must remember to remember to add the numbers you have carried. 

Cross them out when you have added them to help!


Multiplication example...

Activity 2:

Lesson 3...


Use the rules of BODMAS to help you answer these questions.


Activity 3:

Lesson 4...


Remember to use factor bugs to help identify FACTORS

- Factors are the smaller numbers that go into the larger numbers.

- The larger numbers are MULTIPLES

Factors can not be larger than a multiple.


Example of factor bugs...

Activity 4: