Reevy Hill Primary School

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This week in Maths we will be focusing on doubles. 


Discuss what a double means with your child. E.g. to double something is to make 2 lots of the same amount. 


Start with your hands... If I have one finger here and want to double it, I can add one more finger on the other side to make 2. Double 1 = 2. Experiment with numbers within 10.


Watch the Doubling machine input. Discuss - why did the machine break? 

Can you make your own doubling machine at home out of an empty box and a cover? Take turns to place an amount in one side, then the other person matches the amount in the other side. Pull cover off to reveal the double total! 



Play dominoes using the dominoes provided below or you can use your own if you already have a set at home.


Teach children to recognise a double pattern (the same on each side). Can they separate all the doubles from the non-doubles? 


Turn dominoes face down and take turns to turn over two at a time trying to find all the doubles. If you turn a double, you get to keep that domino... If not, turn it back over. Players must try and remember which dominoes have not been turned yet!