Reevy Hill Primary School

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This week in maths, we will be learning about number bonds to 10!


Children will learn the key numbers we can pair to make 10 and spend time exploring these within different games. 


Below are some games for you to try yourself! 

Start by learning the number bond poem below. Can you match the rhyme using your fingers to help you remember? 



Play quick games such as "I hold up a number on my fingers, you show me the number needed to make it up to 10!"

Explore different ways of making 10 using groups of objects around your house e.g. 10 beans, 10 buttons - you can use any different shaped cereal/ pasta.


Put the items in a bag and pull out 10 randomly. Line them up and sort- how many beans did you get, how many buttons? Record how many of each on a piece of paper e.g. 6 beans, 4 buttons. So 6 and 4 makes 10!


Experiment how many different ways you can make 10 using 2 different lots of items. 

Have a go at recording your work on the following worksheets