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This week in maths, we are learning to recognise patterns in number, including odds and evens.


Click the link below to listen to and learn the odds and evens number song we will be learning in school. 

Pattern spotting

Once you have listened to the song, have a go at building your own odds and even visual representation. This might include using dolls/figures/cars/bricks you have at home. Can you count out 10 of your toys? Now can you line them up in 'pairs' - this means groups of 2.


Make a line of pairs across your room with as many toys as you can find. You could even label them with a number each written on a piece of paper to show the number pairs.


Count up to toy number 3 and seperate them from the rest of your toys, how many pairs do you have? Does everyone belong in a group of 2? Then you have an EVEN number. Are there any left over? If so, you have an ODD number... 

You could even have a go at pairing all the people in your household up - do you have an odd number or an even number of members of your household? 

Recognising odds and evens

You could look for different representations of even numbers around your house, starting with yourself. How many pairs do you have on your body? e.g. 2 eyes, 2 legs, 2 arms. Can you pair your fingers on just one hand? What about using 2 hands? 


Empty your sock drawer! Are all your socks in a pair? Are there any odd ones out? 



Numicon - groups of 2

Below you will find an activity involving numicon pieces.


Can you cut out all the different numicon representations? Use a pencil to group the 'pairs' of circles like the examples you can see below. Then use this to decide if the number is odd or even, e.g. 5 is odd as there is one circle left over without a partner.





Watch the 'odd' story read aloud on the link below. Discuss with your grown up, what is odd about the different things happening on each page?


What do you notice about the numbers? 


Can you make a number line and circle these numbers? Can you see a pattern? 


Once you have discussed this, have a go at drawing your own 'odd' animal. How many legs will it have? How many tails/ eyes/ ears? 


Please send us your designs to