Reevy Hill Primary School

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This week in maths we are focusing on halving. Children will learn to notice how even numbers can be halved equally.


Use the tasks below to aid your child in understanding this concept if you find yourselves isolating at home:

Halving fruit:

Have a go at halving your own items in the kitchen. Hand your child a bag of food items e.g. potatoes/ apples/ crisps. Can you half this amount? Physically share between the two… one for you, one for me… Start with equal amounts then add an odd amount. How could we share now? Encourage your child to look at the shapes of the fruit - If you cut item down the middle would they be equal on both sides? 


Cutting a half:

Encourage your child to practice cutting in half using items around the house. This could be paper, a slice of bread, a piece of string, a strand of spaghetti. Ask your child to place the halves side by side - do they look the same? Now place on top of each other - are they the same now? What about if you measure them? Emphasize how a half means it is 2 equal parts of 1 whole


Folding shapes:

Use the document below with various shapes on. Can your child cut them out neatly and fold them to show two halves? Can all shapes be halved equally? Discuss how if you fold a shape a different way it may not show symmetry but then try another way to see if you can find a match! 


Symmetrical pictures:

Try completing the images on the worksheet below. Can you draw the opposite side of the picture as though it has been folded and printed? You could even trace over the drawn side with paint if you have this at home and fold the paper to print the other side!