Reevy Hill Primary School

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This week in Maths we are continuing to develop our reasoning and problem-solving skills using our knowledge of place value.


See tasks below for your child to be doing whilst they are not in school:



L.O: To identify, represent and estimate numbers using different representations

Work through the presentation attached below. Can you work out what numbers the different representations are showing by using your knowledge of base 10 and place value? Use a notebook and pen as you go through each slide to see if you can work out the different numbers shown and compare values to answer the questions.


Then have a go at the problems below.

Activity 2:

LO: To solve number problems and reason mathematically

Look at the number square below and choose a 3-digit number. Write this down. Next, draw it out using your knowledge of 100s,10s and 1s. Can you represent your 100s, 10s and 1s using squares, lines and dots? Now make a list of properties about your number e.g. it is an even number, it is between 120 and 130, it is a multiple of...


Next see if you can work out the numbers being described by using the clues given.

Activity 3:

LO: To solve number problems and reason mathematically


Read through the presentation below and then have a go at drawing out the different possibilities for the problem below:


Look at the image below. Compare how the number 513 has been made each time. What is the same and what is different? 


Can you draw out more ways to show 513 using the same base 10 equipment? Think about using more 10 rods... How many different combinations can you find? 

Activity 4

L.O: To mentally add a 3 digit number ones


Watch the presentation below. Work through the slides using your pen and paper to complete the column addition when asked. Once you feel confident, have a go at the worksheet below.