Reevy Hill Primary School

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The focus of this week is: decimals, fractions and money


For each lesson, first go through the video by clicking the link under the lesson heading. Then complete the activity sheet underneath the video link.


There might be some questions that you find challenging. Have a go at the ones you can and then try the challenging questions. If you need any help with the work, politely ask an adult at home to help, or drop us an email at, we are here to help you.


Answers will be provided in a different document (underneath the activity document) for you to check your work after completing it.



Remember to log on to Times Tables Rock Stars

Times tables for this week have been set in 'Garage' mode.



***You can draw/write on the pdf activity sheets online if you open it on the '(Microsoft) Edge' browser or on 'Adobe Acrobat' and select the pen icon and/or 'Add notes'***

Lesson 1 - Round decimals

Lesson 2- Halves and quarters

Lesson 3 - Pounds and pence
Lesson 4 - Ordering money

Friday - Maths Challenge


Have a go at as many as you can!