Reevy Hill Primary School

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It's Long Multiplication Time Otters and Badgers!! Please use the column method of multiplication to answer the following!

There are 33 biscuits in a packet. Jane buys 4 packets for her party. How many biscuits does she have?   ________________


 There are 16 fireworks in a box. Sam has 3 boxes. How many fireworks does he have altogether?  __________________


The teacher needs each table to have eight pencils and five pens. There are 4 tables. How many pencils and pens will she need?  ___________


Ben wants to buy 4 lollies for each of his 32 friends.

 How many lollies will he need to buy?                                                               


 Lucy has 36 CDs in each rack. She has 3 racks. How many CDs has she altogether?  ______________


 Jay’s class are collecting shoes to send to Malawi. His class collected 26 pairs of shoes.  How many individual shoes were collected altogether in Year 5?  ______________



 It takes Laura 38 minutes to walk to St John’s School each day. She walked to school every day for 3 days. How many minutes did Laura spend walking to school in one week? ______________


 Four children have completed their sticker card. Each card holds 24 stickers. How many stickers has the teacher given out. ___________



 Tom has 15 friends over for his birthday tea.  Mum cooks 3 fish fingers each.

How many fish fingers does Tom’s mum have to buy for his friends? ___________



Sally gives out 65 party bags at the end of her party. Inside each party bag are 2 balloons.    How many balloons does Sally give out? __________


 Ben collects Superman comics. When he counts them he realises he has 78.

Each comic has 4 surprises in it. How many surprises did Ben collect? _________


Caitlin buys 3 pairs of shoes costing £32 each. How much does spend? ________________


The box of chocolates has 28 sweets on each layer and 3 layers. How many chocolates altogether in the box? _______________