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Monday 7th June - Reading Festival

Reading festival

Today we are celebrating our love of reading across school. 

All activities have a reading theme, we hope you enjoy the day. 




LO: to interpret and construct line graphs and use this to problem solve.

I can:

  • Interpret information from a table of results
  • Represent results using a line graph.


Use the reading championship scores for all classes to create a line graph


Task 1:

Create a line graph to show Kingfisher / Owl results. 

Remember to label you x and y axis and give our graph a title. 


Use the information powerpoint below to remind yourself how to create a line graph.


Task 2:

Choose another class and create a line graph for their results.


Write a short paragraph comparing the results. 

Reading - performance poetry

Have a listen to some of the poems in the link below. 


Have a go at reading them aloud and add some actions to them.


Why not perform your poem in front of an audience!


Michael Rosen's top tips for performing poems and stories

Writing - Beatrix Potter fact file

Learning objective: To create a fact file of the life and work of Beatrix Potter


Beatrix Potter was a very famous who has written many well known children's stories. 

Some of them have even been made into a film. 

Can you think of any?


Use the links below to create a fact file about the Life of Beatrix Potter.

The Tale of Peter Rabbit by Beatrix Potter

Curriculum - to become an illustrator

Learning objective: to illustrate a section of text in the style of Beatrix Potter


Watch the video below and have a go at drawing Peter Rabbit.

How to draw & paint Peter Rabbit like Beatrix Potter