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Reception classes outstanding work!




Even with school being closed our children in Reception have continued to WOW us with their excellent learning!

Here are some examples of the learning they have been doing while being at home and staying safe with their families!


Week 1:

Averie made her own YouTube show with her Dad explaining to others how to plant and grow their own flowers and vegetables!

What brilliant work Averie!

How to plant seeds and grow your own veg. Back garden kids activities Back Garden Bushcraft Ep01

This is a series of videos to help with ideas for activities for your family at home especially during the school closures and lockdown

Week 2:

Alisha made a beautiful Banana cake with her Mum and measured out her own ingredients and helped to decorate it!

I bet it was delicious! Well Done Alisha!

Week 3:

Andrej has been doing some excellent Reading and Maths home learning with his Mum.


Week 1:

Lexi went exploring with her family and found a waterfall! When she got home she asked her Mummy if she could draw the waterfall she had seen! What an excellent picture! Lexi has also been playing shops using real money and making price tags for her toys! :)

Week 2:

Tyler has been doing some brilliant Phonics and Maths work at home. He was able to do his counting using the wooden blocks and the magnetic magnets on his fridge. He has even been practising his tricky words! :)

Week 3

Alisha worked hard on her home learning this week. She had some fun dressing up and completing her Phonics work. She then read her favourite book and dressed up as the main character and drew a picture.

Week 4

Harry has been working super hard on his home learning and completed a Maths jigsaw with his mum. He has also been doing his Phonics and creative activities from the home learning pack! :)