Reevy Hill Primary School

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Personal, Social and Emotional Development

Home Learning Challenges.


Practice breathing exercises to help you feel calm. Talk about your feelings and how we can be kind to our friends and family members. 

Carry out small tasks like tidying toys away, matching socks out of the washing machine and helping to wash the pots. 

Sharing and Taking Turns - Play games such as snakes and ladders, snap, or I spy.  


Our feelings - Talk about how we are feeling.  Can they describe this? Think of different ways to show these emotions eg making faces in the mirror, stomping angrily, skipping happily, drawing pictures, listening to music


Safety - Talk about how we keep safe at home.  Can you spot any dangers and talk about how you would stay safe. 


Morals - Talk about different situations and ask what is right and wrong.  For example, listen to Goldilocks and The Three Bears, discuss what was right and wrong.  Should Goldilocks have gone into a strangers house?  Why was baby bear feeling sad?


Autumn 2

Week 1 - 2nd-6th November

This week in PSHCE we will be sharing with each other what we are doing for 'Bonfire Night'. Talking about bonfire/fireworks safety and creating safety posters.