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Please continue to practise your phonics everyday with a daily recap of all the sounds. See the videos below for pure sound pronunciation for both phases 2 and 3:




Phase 2 - pure sounds pronunciation

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Try encourage your child to say the shortest sound possible e.g. sssss instead of 'suh'

Phase 3 sound pronunciations

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Encourage your child to pronounce the sounds as short as possible. The actions will aid their memory of the written grapheme

Once you have recapped the sounds, encourage your child to write them.


Play 'Quickwrite'

Say any sound and ask your child to write it down without showing them. This is good for assessment of how many sounds they can remember. Try a few different sounds each day.


Encourage your child to blend for reading

Write 5-10 words down using the sounds they already know e.g. j-a-m, s-i-ck, qu-i-t... 


Ask your child to sound out the words and then blend for reading the word as a whole. How many can they read within a minute? Add more words to increase the challenge as they become familiar with this.


See below for a link to different websites we use in class to encourage your child to blend for reading. - Select 'buried treasure' - 'Fishy phonics' and 'match game' are both free games to encourage blending for reading - 'Ballon pop' is great for encouraging your child to listen out for the first, middle and last sound and finding the correct sound that is missing


Writing captions/sentences:

Encourage your child to write a short caption to match the scenes below. e.g. I can see a....





Your child might even want to describe the pictures e.g. a red van