Reevy Hill Primary School

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Phonics/ Early Reading

Please continue to read with your child daily.


Reading through their books brought home from school several times a week will be beneficial to not only develop word-reading skills but to also aid comprehension of the text. You could try asking your child to tell the story back to you by just using the pictures or even from memory. 


You could ask questions such as:

Who were the main characters? 

What happened in the beginning? 

How did you feel about the end? 

What was your favourite part of the story? 

Can you find the blurb of the book? 

What could happen next? 


Phoneme spotting:

You could ask your child to find certain sounds in their story book, e.g. how many times can we spot the sound 'sh'? Children could make a record of all the different sounds or tricky words they spot.


Children may wish to draw a picture from their favourite part of the story. Can they label it? 


Remember to practise your child's sounds and tricky words every day. 


You may find the song links below useful:

Children can also access books online using the Oxford Owl website and the log in emailed to you near the start of the year.


If you require log-in details again please email