Reevy Hill Primary School

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Phonics/ Early reading

Please continue to read with your child everyday. This could be a few pages each night and would be beneficial to revisit the same book several times to build understanding and confidence in reading.


Discuss the key features of the book e.g. the title, author, illustrator and blurb. Can your child retell the story to you from memory/ using pictures alone? Can they answer simple questions about what happened and who were the characters? 



Play a game of phoneme spotting

Explain you would like your child to concentrate on finding a specific sound/ tricky word in a book. Look through the book together and every time you spot this sound, write down the word you have found it in. 




Test your child's memory by calling out sounds and seeing how quickly they can write these down. This can progress to tricky words and then words then can segment for spelling independently.


Caption/sentence writing

Place some household items in the middle of your table e.g. a red cup/ a long scarf. 

Can your child write labels to match these placing the words in the correct order to form a caption or a short sentence? 




Please continue to access the sites below to aid your child's early reading:


Oxford reading owl