Reevy Hill Primary School

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Phonics/ Reading

Please continue to practise your phase 2 and 3 sounds learnt so far daily.


See the sound mats below. Click to open and encourage your child to point to each letter in turn and say the sound it makes in words. 


Practise your tricky words daily. Remember: These are tricky words as they cannot be sounded out for reading. (Children need to learnt to recognise these as a whole word and read on sight)



Practise your alphabet using the song link below.


Encourage your child to write the capital letters next to the letter sound they make e.g. Can they match an 'A' to 'a' etc.


Emphasise the use of capital letters. These are to be used when writing someone's name or when starting a sentence - not in the middle of a sentence or word! 


Challenge your child to write a caption a day about what they have spent time doing at home - always sounding out as much as they can first - for example, "I red a buk" (I read a book)


Continue to practise your reading everyday. Even if this is just a few pages each day. The Oxford reading owl has lots of reading books online for you to access. Follow the link below:


Oxford Reading Owl


If you have forgotten your class password, please email your class teacher.