Reevy Hill Primary School

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Photo gallery

Taylor showing off her baking skills making crust for her quiche

Olivia D has been growing her own flowers in the mini greenhouse

Kaden had a good place to cool down during the heatwave

Ivy U was lucky enough to go to the seaside last week to enjoy the glorious weather. She even had time to make an awesome model Titanic

Aleksander has still had time to do his home learning as well as enjoying the sunshine!

Aku has been busy doing her Maths work

Nevaeh working hard on her personal profile

Kaden enjoyed seeing Miss Midgley from a distance

Grace busy drawing her shadow Art and taking pictures for science whilst enjoying the sunshine!

Even though she has been busy redecorating at home, Taylor still found time to make a wonderful Titanic model, wow!

Oliver learning to tell the time.

A selection of Ellis' work from this week - you have been busy!

Nevaeh and her sister enjoying the sunshine at Bronte Waterfalls, and Nevaeh's gymnastics

Ellis enjoying the sunshine during half term with his lovely dog, and exploring in Judy Woods

A selection of work from Kaden.

Aku playing cards in the sunshine and her fantastic shadow drawing.

Alexia making the most of the sunshine, playing musical statues.