Reevy Hill Primary School

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Physical Development

Home learning challenges


Draw a track using chalk and follow it using your bike. Go on a nature walk and find conkers and pick them up with tweezers!

Could practice your cutting skills by carefully cutting up leaves for a picture!

Draw letters using a stick in the mud.

Could practice the tricky task of putting on your coat and zipping it up. 

Gross Motor Skills

- Practise running, skipping, balancing, jumping, crawling in different directions.  Make this into a competition, who can jump the highest, who can run the fastest ....


- Throw and catch a ball...roll it. spin it, bounce it....


- Use chalk / paints outside to make big marks on the ground


Fine Motor Skills


- Practise your fine motor skills by using scissors to cut paper, grass, spaghetti.


- Make a necklace threading pasta or straws with string.


- Practise fastening your own buttons.  How fast can you do this?