Reevy Hill Primary School

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Positional language and spatial awareness

This week we are exploring how to describe things around us by using positional language. Have a go at home with your grown ups! 


Ask them to hide your favourite toy somewhere in the house. They can tell you where it is using words along e.g. it is hiding underneath something.... on top of something... Have a go at swapping roles - can you guide your grown-up to the toy? Explore words like inside, in between, behind, next to.



You can build children's spatial awareness by exploring size and shape. Try activities such as drawing a large outline on paper and encouraging your child to fill this will different items e.g. cereal, pebbles,  buttons, coins etc. Which items could you fit more of into the same outline? (This should stimulate reasoning of smaller things take up less space)


Make an obstacle course around your house or garden. Can you guide your child through it using positional language? Can they then direct you? Try blindfolding them and (safely) guiding them using words alone! 

Tangrams are good for exploring shape and rotating and positioning shapes to create new ones. See the example below. Start simple - Cut up a square into triangles - can your child piece it back together? 


Time how long it took and then try again - can they beat their score?