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In a world where you can be anything.. BE KIND!


Hope you are all doing OK. 


Being kind to each other is very important at the moment. 


However, you may think that because you can't visit each other or your family members that it's harder to do something kind. 


Remember, kindness is often small things that means so much to the other person. 


For example... My grandma lives alone and is unable to leave her house at the moment because of the virus so i have made sure that i have text or called her everyday so that she doesn't feel so lonely. 

Miss. Collinge


Have a look at the images below and maybe pick two or three of them. 

If you can print them off, stick them in you work book. If not, you could draw your own. 

Note down why these are acts of kindness.  

Now your turn...


Have you witnessed or heard about any acts of kindness over these challenging times?


You might have seen/heard them on the television. 


Your adults might have told you about an act of kindness that they have seen online or in the super market.


Did you take part in the "applaud the NHS" on your street? 


Tell us about them!


Either write about it, take a photo or draw a picture!


Continue to be KIND!smiley