Reevy Hill Primary School

Interactive bar



Our ideal classroom (1)


Have quiet, calm music playing if possible.

Ask children to sit with their eyes closed, heads on tables or bent down if sitting on the carpet.

Ask them to imagine their ideal classroom, a place where everyone feels happy and safe to be and to learn. Explain that we are just thinking and imagining at this stage, not sharing our ideas out loud.

  • What would it look like? 
  • Imagine you are looking around, what can you see?
  • What would it sound like? 
  • Listen carefully - what can you hear?
  • How would it feel to be in that classroom?



Compile a list

  • What did they see? 
  • What did they hear?
  • How did they feel?

Ask the children to think about how each of us can help to make our classroom a happy place to be.


Create some pledges, e.g, ‘I will be kind’ ‘I will not shout’ ‘I will listen’ ‘I will share’.


Draw a self portrait and write a pledge (promise) on.