Reevy Hill Primary School

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Bullying or teasing?

Lesson 3



Think of two things that make you special and write them down.

Tell us something about yourself that you are proud of.

Tell us something about your community/family that you are proud of.


Do some people sometimes make fun of other people or their community?

e.g. "Harry dropped his tray at lunch time today. Some people laughed and called him butter fingers."

Can you think of other examples of teasing?


Give an example of something we call bullying e.g. "Every time Sam sees James, he calls him ginger because of his red hair."

Can you think of other examples of bullying?


When people joke and tease, they do it once. This is unkind and can hurt someone's feelings.

When people bully, they do it often, or even every time and deliberately


Think of who you could turn to for help, for example,  by holding up one hand and thinking of five different people (one for each digit) that you can turn to if you're feeling worried, or being bullied.


The difference between teasing (a one off unkindness) and bullying (which is repeated or regular).



Make a poster about what you have learnt about teasing and bullying or about who to talk to if someone is bullying you.