Reevy Hill Primary School

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Get Active, Stay Happy!


Staying active and keeping healthy is SO important, now more than ever! There are many fun activities to get you up on your feet - you won't even know that it's 'exercise'!


Why do we need to stay active?

  • As our stress hormones go up, our 'feel-good' hormones come down. That's right - adrenaline and cortisol are designed to help us react; oxytocin is there to calm us down, helps us to have fun and makes us feel good!
  • This means if we are feeling worried we are likely to stop doing the things that makes us feel good.
  • If you stop doing the things you love and staying active, feelings of stress and anxiety will start to grow!


Here are all the fun things you can get up to:​​​​​​​

Try dance zumba!