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What is normal?

This is a very difficult question at the moment. 

It is important to try and focus on the positives as much as you can.


However, sometimes you might find that quite hard as so much has changed.


What is normal is, it is OK to feel anxious, worried or unsure at the moment.

If you are feeling like this, here are some little things that you can try to help!


Remember we are still here for you. yes


You can email us at


Miss Collinge and Miss Heightley





Sorting your feelings...


You can sort your feelings or worries into things that you can or can't change and things you are happy with and don't want to change. 


For example, if you have had a fall out with someone, you can change this to make you feel better. 


You could use a table to do this, you will probably find there are a lot more things that you can't or don't want to change and only a few things that you can change. 


It sometimes just helps to write your worries down.


Colour your feelings...


If you are feeling worried, angry, nervous or even happy, you can use colour to help you see which you are feeling most of. 


Draw a big squiggle on a piece of paper. 


Choose a colour for each feeling and colour the bigger areas the one that you are feeling the most and the smaller areas the one that you are feeling the least. 

for example, if yellow was happy, you would colour a large area of your squiggle in yellow. 


You could then do it again another time and see if your feelings have changed. 

Use your mind...


Yoga is a fantastic way to help relax or clear your mind of any worries.


Below are a few links to different videos that you might find helpful. 

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